Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Legends: in U.S. undercover government work, a fabricated identity.

I've just finished catching up on its first series and I hear there will be an announcement this week from TNT regarding Season 2! Talk about perfect timing!

From the producers who brought us Homeland and 24, now there is Legends.
The series follow a Department of Covert Operations (DCO) FBI agent Martin Odum, aka Ned Stark, or Sean Bean, and his team. As the Legend with the highest success rate, Odum is addicted to his multi-faceted identities - anyone but his own. Under intensive psychiatric counselling, Odum is often hostile and unstable, slipping in and out of his accents and identities, a major cause of his recent divorce with Sonya who only wished to protect their son.

The series has a very clever pace; with the first few episodes to set the scene and characters up, dynamics, and a grand show off of Sean Bean's acting whilst he struggles across his many Legends. We have all seen Ali Larter's performance as the bipolar Niki & Jessica back in Heroes; who in Legends is Special Agent Crystal McGuire, a crucial component to the team. The story starts after the scene is set. Flashes of lost memory triggers Odum's search for answers to his true identity,  his very existence, his sanity. Every lead he finds gets mysteriously killed seconds before he get answers in front of his very eyes.

If you do intend to catch up on the series for yourself, which I strongly suggest you do, now is the time to scroll down and skip the next section to avoid spoilers!

---------  SPOILERS ALERT  ---------

Halfway into the series, it is true, this is a case of Bourne Identity. We are shown that both Odum's ex-wife and best friend / boss, Nelson, of 8 years always knew Martin Odum was a fabrication of identity - a Legend.

Odum, despite constantly confronting people around him for the truth, is still in the dark. He carries on his rapid change of Legends over multiple investigations despite being strongly advised against. One particular highly sensitive military x political incident leads to the undeniable truth that Martin Odum had a critical past in Iraq back in 2004 - not in a major car accident in LA as Sonya and Nelson insist. The plot thickens as they are both forced to come clean to Odum. Together with what Crystal found out through her own means, the pieces are of magnitude scale that lead to the framed assassination of the Director of the FBI.

-------- Phew, SPOILERS END! --------

Each episode was more gripping than the last and by the last 2-3 I was just glued to every second of it. Everything was so well thought-out then executed - the pace, the scale of events, intensity of information revealed. It was the perfect crescendo.

Season 1 wasn't the biggest commercial hit ever but I can definitely see huge potential in it becoming one. Having said that, I really hope by then it doesn't lose its edge like most TV shows does over time as it gets "massed". The series has mixed reviews, but I simply don't remember the last time I was as engaged to a TV show! I do love one that is concise and this season has 10 episodes - the perfect dose.

Season 2 is said to air Fall 2015, some say November 2015. Either way, there is still plenty of time for you to get into the series so we can talk about it together when season 2 comes along!!!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Do you have the Edge?

I know I'm no size 6 with girl-envy abs and toned thighs, but what I value even more is good health and general well-being. I always try my best to eat well and exercise regularly in order to make room for the occasional pizzas, burgers and ice cream cravings!

It is extra difficult to stay motivated in fitness and eat healthy living in UK, from the temperamental (mostly gloomy wet and cold) weather on top of a serious comfort/fast-food culture. I mean, no one has ever used the phrase "British Cuisine" because it simply doesn't exist. Pub food and pints, sure! The food revolution Jamie Oliver has been fighting for is real!

I get serious culture envy on Instagram, mostly of people based in LA - where sunshine is part of everyday life, where food is gloriously GOOD, and where their health awareness game is strong. A crucial part to staying focused is mixing it up. As important as routine is to integrate workouts into your schedule, doing the exact same things for too long is only going to bore not only your mind but your body too. Our body works best when we're always mixing it up, surprising our body to use and stimulate different parts. Especially with me, an acute type of hyperactive. I can't be doing the same thing for too long before I get too restless, and I need variety in my life. I call them quirks...but I never want to eat the same ingredient twice a day, and I always have more than 2-3 games & books in session... Totally sidetracked, my point is, I try new workouts whenever I can!

Pre-sesh selfies obvi! :P

Spin is totally my element, I generally go twice a week even though I wish I could do it more often (I live really far from civilization). If you are put off of exercising because the word "cardio" makes you shudder with boredom like many of my friends, TRY SPINNING! Here at Edge Cycle, they offer a free 30min ride for you to feel first hand how easy weightloss / getting fit just got! It is like a fluorescent rave, music bumping and the instructor motivating your way to push push push while sweat just oozes off of you. Sequences vary roughly from 15 - 45 seconds going up, down, quick, and slow - keeping you engaged and on your toes the whole time. There really isn't time for boredom and before you know it - you're done!

Not to mention the state of the art bikes they have kitted their studio with - the smoothest and quietest I had ever experienced. Like I was flying in a Bentley...but on a stationary bike.

 The website humbly states that the studio is 2 mins away from Chancery Lane tube station when really I can easily do it within 1. It was only about 4 shops down if you come out of the closest exit. Most people in my class were in and out, presumably from nearby offices for a quick sweat-fix. While I was there, in fact, someone was signing up to join its membership after being very happy with her trial. What excites my need for variety more is that they don't just offer spin classes. They have bootcamp, yoga, fight club, and many others that incorporate bike, mat, weights, and more!

They also have a cool giveaway contest going on on their Instagram so don't miss out on your chance to win either 3 personal training lessons or a whole month unlimited classes! All you have to do when you turn up for your free class is to upload a snap of your locker, #myedgelocker then tag & follow @EdgeCycleLondon! Here is mine:

And of course, wearing happy workout gear always helps!
Sports Bra   //   C&C California
Top   //   Pineapple Dance Studios
Joggers   //   Nike
Trainers   //   Nike 


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Entourage the Movie

It's been a pretty amazing week or two for me, like a giant catch up with life aka movies & TV shows haha! So here's another post!

Perhaps it is the element of watching it at home that offers a different spectrum of expectations but I really enjoyed watching Entourage the Movie last night! I was after a chilled evening with a good laugh, and it delivered. If I had gotten dressed up, took the train out, paid for cinema tickets, queued mindlessly for snacks, then the last train home, I probably would have felt more like what the reviews out there had said. Still wouldn't have gone as far as calling it "utterly unfunny" though. Maybe the reviewers had beef with someone in the production team haha just like the plot of the movie! Oh the irony!

Closure movies to epic TV shows generally include exotic locations and a significantly aged cast. It was very nice to see everyone keeping to their looks to the show so well and I like how they didn't feel like they need to show their budget off to an exotic holiday. They kept true to the essence of the show and not made it into something else for the Hollywood Big Screen.

The cast, for starters, I love Ari Gold - aka Mr. Gordon Selfridge hah (I'm a sucker for period dramas). If you had seen Jeremy Piven in both, you would agree as the two roles can't possibly be more opposite of each other but yet he just, delivers. I actually love Ari's fire and passion, even his anger issues. I literally cracked up in laughter when he smashed the photo frame with his fist in the middle of therapy, then realized in horror what he had done and where he was - I totally relate! (still laughing)

I now give more credit to Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase)'s acting too as the scenes with his financer really showed a different side to his character, this humble desperation. Drama continues to be Drama but I guess it's nice for him to finally catch his big break. There was a good chance that he was set to demonstrate the many fallen stars of hollywood, a key aspect to any industry of fame. Turtle's story line was a little disconnected - now earning more money than Vince from his tequila business then willingly get his arm (almost) broken for a date. The jokes about his weight were uncalled for and unfunny though seeing he had lost most of it towards the end of the show anyway. 

Then there's E and his string of romance to the plot. I was sad that they had broken him up and the heavily pregnant Sloane in the movie, but what happens between that and them getting back together was pretty funny. I laughed anyway (that scene at the restaurant)!

Jessica Alba (love her!!) had a quick cameo, a little out of her usual character but very convincing - I'm not sure if I've ever seen her swear as much!

All in all, I don't remember a scene where I felt bored, a scene that I wish they would end quicker already, or a scene I found irrelevant. To that I'd call it a good film! Throw in the bonus of my physically laughed-out-loud moments, I give it an 8/10!

Sunday, 16 August 2015


I'm mixing it up a bit here, because I watched Ex-Machina last night and I really need to talk about it! 

I was quite enticed by its appearance, the highly-evolved machine in its delicate female form on its posters.  Perhaps it is this anticipation that I expected some gripping story or mind-provoking ideas. Instead, I can easily summarise the whole movie in 2 simple sentences: A scientist created a robot. With the highest AI ever, this robot, all about answers, kills the scientist and her human accomplice in order to escape and merged into our human society.

There is literally nothing more to it. Nothing before. Nothing after.

All of two sentences, stretched out into 110 minutes.

This leaves room for a sequel I guess, but what I'm after is satisfaction now having designated my Saturday night to it.

The movie builds a bad persona of the scientist, who turned out, was just a normal guy. All the "bad" actions he did were all part of his experiment. So when Ava the robot killed him and locked the other guy up left to die, I didn't feel any gratification or resolve. Oh which reminds me, there was a nude scene of Ava when she finished covering herself with human looking skin, and it felt very, very wrong. She looked like a 12 year old child. In my head I actually thought they should have CGI'd her body so it looked identical to the rest of the robot models in the wall - truer to the story. At least truer to the robot body she had had throughout. Back to my point, I have no idea what I just watched.

The most powerful thing about the film was the soundtrack. It is much more eerie than anything else in the movie. So that was brilliant for its intention. Most scenes were very nice on the eyes too, nonetheless, like a 3D tour of those exotic super houses out of an architecture magazine.

I'd give it... 2/10

Someone enlighten me seeing every seem to love it!


Star Wars Tank   //   Comic Con
White Boyfriend Jeans   //   River Island
Clogs   //   Jeffrey Campbell


Monday, 10 August 2015

Marvel & Star Wars at Madame Tussaud's!


#Crushing! <3
Uhm...who's this? Christina Agui-alba?
Sorry Fury I just couldn't resist :P

Star Wars Exhibit:

Oh just chilln with Han

Time for some photobombs!

All in all, this was rad! I'm sure you can tell from the excitement on my face, but seriously - it. was. rad! Everyone's faces were SO real and to see them virtually in real life from head to toe in such accurate proportions - oh em gee!!!

Now of course, outfit hour. You may have been wondering already why I've got so much clothes on in the middle of summer. I actually went in June, still summer, but I live in England, so chances are it was a cold day!

Then came the moment to take the sacred armband off after the show...


Top   //   American Eagle
Shorts   //   H&M
Jacket   //   River Island
Scarf   //   Pringle of Scotland
Boots   //   Topshop


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Fantastic Four...


I had literally just came back from the cinema, after watching Fantastic Four. I braced myself after reading all the bad reviews from both media and 'the people' and was prepared for the worst. Then I was told that movies that get slated I generally end up liking, possibly because I am just that good at bracing myself for the worst. Well,  came out pretty blown away regardless, by its lack of substance, pace, or excitement. I struggled to stay focus after the first hour as the pace was going nowhere. By the 80th minute, remembering that the film is supposed to be 100mins, I was getting a little confused if there was at all a fight scene, or if this is supposed to be some Part 1 of 2 I didn't know about. Then fight scene came. The fight scene ended. Yes almost within the time I took to type those two sentences it was over. The movie subsequently ended, of course, in the most cringe worthy way ever - coming up with their team name.

Our standards for superhero movies by now are quite high, and I'm not sure who in the right mind thought this movie was ok enough to be released. My first impression from its trailers were perhaps it is rebooting its origins for kids who would have never seen the old F4's. Then I noticed that even kids weren't quite buying it.

One of the base problem - casting. The old F4 consisted of Jessica Alba & Chris Evans, the heartthrobs of like, ever. The current cast...? Not even close. I also got very confused as to why Sue Storm had to keep going from her real hair to wigs throughout the movie.

In case anyone wanted to know what was in my bag haha - my new coin purse (I know!), still my favourite lippy: Melted by Too Faced, my must have Olympus Camera, keys, and a pair of earrings "just in case" haha!


RAW tee   //   KKXX by Stylenanda
Skirt   //   River Island
Boots   //   Topshop
Candy Clutch   //   ASOS
Sunnies   //   Ray-ban


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hello Jim Lee Batman!!

Check out my SDCC Jim Lee Blueline Edition Batman figure! It's mega cool with a rubbery texture in the perfect display case! I'm always a sucker for monochrome so I thought I'd dress in his colours!

Then, burger & shakes, obvi!

Every time I come back from Cali I get major withdrawal from its amazing good food for endless months on end. Literally nothing compares, not even this Cali Burger + Strawberry Shake...I wish I lived there...!!!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Sheldon: "He's a smart guy"? Really?

It's happened it's happened! I was so excited to get stuck in that I forgot to snap the freshly opened box photo, with all the bags & booklet perfectly laid out the time I remembered I was already halfway through Section 1...

There are only 2 sections to the set, and this is the end of Section 1:

The tiny desk was so so cute!

Only Bernadette, Howard and Amy were in this section, and each character has two expressions. I chose the angry Bernie, smug Howie, and grinning Amy heh!

I'm a sucker for printed carpets haha!
I am still wondering if I can make these molecules more 'twisty'...
This was the instructed position for the table; I had to move it across to the right in the end for
I don't remember ever seeing them reading papers...
The Green Lantern lantern!!
I'm glad these weren't lipsticks after all haha
This telescope though!! <3
By this point the set is completed, with a surprising amount of extra pieces. What was most baffling were the little bag of utensils seeing the set didn't include the kitchen. I don't remember the cast ever eating out of pots and pans in the living room, but I tried the idea anyways:

No, I don't think this makes any sense...

This is when I moved the table + lamp aside, further towards the little desk. It was the only way Amy could fit next to Sheldon!

Penny can't actually sit flush against the sofa like the box suggests, her hair gets in the way!
I'm so glad they have Penny this facial expression haha it's my favourite!
To my surprise, I enjoyed building the bookshelves & books the most, it was so creative! I guess I wished the set was more complex, more detailed, with cooler things in the shelves, collectible things. Also like I mentioned before on my SDCC post, I wish it included the kitchen! I just want to build more of it! More more more!