Saturday, 27 June 2015

Coffee Run!

Quick lunch, grabs coffee, and straight home for more costume building! San Diego Comic Con is looming; last time I checked I still had 4 weeks! Now I barely have 1 until I fly! Ah!!

K xoxo


Top   //   River Island
Skirt   //   Topshop
Shoes   //   Sketchers
Sunnies   //   Polaroid


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Pimms, Pizzas and Pop Vinyls!

I absolutely love summers in London especially when it's a good one like this year's! Most evenings the Sun retires with the most gorgeously rendered sky after a hard 17 hour shift. I went out last night with my boys channelling my California Girl and simply could not believe the heat behind that sun still at 7pm! 

My recent post was about Mad Max & feminism; all the funnier when Chris Pratt aka Starlord talks about how he feels objectified too filming Jurassic World - haha I love it!



Crop Top   //   River Island
Fringe Skirt   //   River Island
Long Jersey Cardi   //   Boohoo
Heels   //   ASOS
Black Rubber Clutch   //   Mango
Sunnies   //   Boutique in L.A.
Daisy Necklace   //   Marc Jacobs Perfume
Bangle   //   I designed & made it! (and I take orders heh!)
Rings   //   H&M and Topshop


Thursday, 11 June 2015

It's Totoro!

One of my favourite things about London is how much there is to discover. Shoreditch, specifically, the hub of artistic explosions, has something different to offer on every 1/4 of a wall - quite literally. I thought this particular street-art was very fitting to my new fav hoodie of the century - it's Totoro!! I again got this at a recent Comic Con, though I can't remember which one......



Star Wars Tank   //   Official Star Wars
Totoro Hoodie   //   Comic Con
Jeans   //   Topshop
Thigh Boots   //   River Island
Rucksack   //   Prada
Sunnies   //   Polaroid


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Being Casey Newton

So I was strolling the other day...
and was just hanging...
and strollin'...
All of a sudden this pin on the ground caught my I picked it up...little did I know... be continued...


Top   //   Wish App
Tan Suede Shorts   //   Zara TRF
Fringe Bag   //   River Island
Gladiator Sandals   //   Zara
Sunnies   //   Vintage Shop in LA
Rings   //   I have officially lost track...


Friday, 5 June 2015

Mad Max: Fight Lookism!

First off, this post is about Mad Max, but has anyone ever notice that the relevant poster gets removed from cinemas almost as soon as it is premiered? Besides, who could resist this super awesome Pixels display? Cannot wait for Aug 12!

So, I got this kickass machine gun wielding Snow-White tee from Romics Comic Con (held in Rome) back in April, and quite randomly decided to wear it to watch Mad Max last weekend. Besides unintentionally hearing words like "feminism" associated with the film, I had stayed well enough away from general reviews to avoid spoilers. What were the chances that Snow White knew better than me what we were going in for? "Fight Lookism" she says in her italian accent!

To call the film action packed would be an understatement. The 120 minutes were solid stimulation, channelling the coolest 'reality' of Steampunk x Borderlands. Each vehicle aka motorised beasts were its own work of art. I would go as far as saying that they were the keys in the movie, that if they were  say ordinary cars, it would have very different reviews and general audience effect. The flame throwing, spears bombing, cirque-du-soleil human canons, and exploding gasoline tanks - it really was a "2 hours of non-stop, utterly insane fantasy action"!

I have always been a fan of Charlize Theron, I think she is so good at everything she does - especially that sensational Dior Perfume advert where she struts her stuff whilst stripping down to nothing but her scent. Hurrrr SO shesxy! Then there's Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who I find so gorgeous since the very beginning of her M&S / lingerie career, gave us a surprisingly well performance as one of the sex-slaves escaping with Theron (aka Furiosa).

I'm not sure if "feminism" is the right angle to discuss this film, if that should be a focus at all, but fact that some people are expressing offence against casting attractive women just makes me laugh. So only ugly people should be portrayed as empowering and strong, that pretty girls should just sit home and be a vase? I genuinely believe feminism is losing its way, or perhaps only some people are giving it a bad name, I don't know. Remember Emma Watson's feminism speech / movement? That was so awesome because it was so true. I too find the word "feminism" very unattractive. I find it more sexist than ever and I can't really agree that this is a movie of feminism. As much as I enjoy watching fellow women ass-kicking, should women be this mindblown that 'feminism' is all they saw?

I agree, I am straying. Just too surprised by people's reviews!

Personally, I found the dialogue throughout very hard to hear. Must be difficult to capture in the middle of a desert inside roaring machines and ant-scale humans. Of course it could be my local cinema's sync; I will never know!

The plot was a very nice and straight forward one. I liked the dynamics between Max & Furiosa, the gender equality, acceptance of their own strengths and weaknesses especially in moments of need. Loved the fact that there are no cliche love relations, almost. The bond between one of the escaping woman Capable and Nux was a little disconcerting for me. 

True that I was fully occupied and entertained through-out, but I find myself feeling a little empty by the end of it. Feel like there could have been more, but more of what I couldn't quite put a finger on...


Snow-White Tee   //   Comic Con
Comic Bralet   //   Topshop
Denim Shorts   //   Topshop
Long Jumper   //   River Island
Knee Socks   //   Topshop
Shoes   //   Jeffrey Campbell
Watermelon Clutch   //   New Look



Tuesday, 2 June 2015

It's Freddy Krueger!!

P.S. not THE Freddy but a fellow cosplaying fan! Amazing job don't you think?

This weekend I attended Manchester Film & Comic Con as Sakura from Street Fighter. The biggest highlight was meeting Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger. Not only was his passion honest, but he surely was not afraid to be un-pc when it came to expressing his views.

When asked what his favourite killing scene was filming Freddy, he replied "I really liked the boy with the hearing aid", adding that it fits well with Freddy's unapologetic killing manner with the sense of humour in the era of film; that he doesn't discriminate. "I have fans who are in wheelchairs, with special needs, disabled - or whatever the politically correct term is this week." This was what made the deepest impression on me, his honesty and frankly, I found it quite funny.

The panel ended after a fast 25 minutes where Englund never took his seat on the stage. Instead he walked & stood around at ease, like a real friendly chat room.

I spent the morning checking each stall at the con for a Funko Freddy, hopefully in time for my autograph slot. Instead I found a special glow-in-the-dark one!! #SCORE!

Celebs are not allowed to pose for any photos at the signing desks - so quick selfie - as he threw in his classic face for free! Sure made my day!

His queue was the longest at the whole event, and also the slowest moving. To find it was only because he gives each fan his all to every question & conversation! How nice!


Friday, 29 May 2015


A big throwback here - to only 1.5years ago but what looks like a lifetime. This was before I did any cosplays or went to any comic cons dressed up! I am still quite digging this look, especially my super WAH wah-nails heh!

For those who are curious, this piece of artefact in fact has some nice history to it:

Cool ey?

I miss my ombre hair! In fact I've been booked in next week to go blonde again - bleach blonde! Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cinderella (2015)

So I decided I will need this in the garden of my future dream mansion, in this perfect shade of mint! 

Did everyone have a nice long break? Whilst it was Easter weekend for everyone else, I had the luxury of meeting friends, eating out and watching girlie movies as it was my birthday weekend! So Spring as here as British weather allows and the sun occasionally out enough for us to finally go easy on the layers - this was my outfit to watch Cinderella.

I walked past a little girl who essentially had on the same outfit and shamelessly enjoyed it haha.

I have never had any fantasies to be a Disney Princess, or any princess actually. I have always believed in gender equality in rights, but never had issues with "weak" princesses needing a man and be "saved". It's a genre, mostly in cartoons/animations.

I walked in without much expectations. Being a fan of Downton Abbey and obviously Game of Thrones, I know not only 'Lady Rose' is the lead, 'Daisy' is one of the stepsisters, but Rob Stark is the prince! Then what blew me away instead was Cate Blanchett, in every single way. My crush on her developed when I first saw her at San Diego Comic Con behind the stage - how she oozes the demeanour of a movie goddess. She is definitely what made the movie and it was exhilarating how the costume designer, Sandy Powell, shows off her talent through Blanchett's character as the Stepmother. Every outfit was absolutely breathtaking. It was very couture Lanvin x Vivienne Westwood so I just had to google her! The lavish set was almost equally impressive, especially the reinvented baroque pumpkin carriage. As a footwear designer though, I am really not sure about the lump they call the glass slipper...

All in all, still a very nice girlie birthday treat!