Friday, 22 January 2016


The new legend begins! As Sylvie insisted, this is not Rocky VII but rather Creed I. As we already know, Michael B Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, the illegitimate youngest Creed blood. He was saved from his adolescence of group homes and violence in juvi by Apollo's widow wife. With a great education he advances in the banking industry but quits instead upon a promotion to pursue boxing against his step-mom's will. His performance was very enjoyable with a great balance of sensitivity and drive. There were a lot of close ups and hands up please - who knew he had such dreamy eyes??

Sylvie's role of mentoring was more humorous. My absolute favourite line of his in this movie was when Johnson came up to him for the second time as he was off-loading stock for his/Adrian's restaurant; "what are you doing here? You need something to eat?" It was so effective in setting the tone to his now-retired character. Soo endearing!

Without going further and risking spoilers, a family I wish I was a part of forms an unbreakable bond. I wasn't too sure about the girl though, a little too young particularly in the things she says sometimes. I can't wait for the sequel eeeek I hate the waittt!!! 

My feast before the big SHOW! Hah


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Precious........

My lovely big brother got me these precious Jo Malone perfumes, the famous mix & match ones nuzzled in the perfectly sculpted foam, box, and that gorgeous ribbon. So that was last Christmas. It still remains exactly how I had described it, still sitting on a pedestal. I'm the type of person who tries too hard to preserve things, the best example being Charbonnel et Walker Champagne Truffles...anyway I've learnt now to make sure I finish them before its expiry! All too devastating a position in the end when all I can do is bin them!

So now, look at this Jo Malone candle! I lit it! It took some strong will power but I did! Man was I glad as I didn't expect to be transported to such a romantic place from the unique scent. "English Pear & Freesia", the scent of Autumn. I have since replaced the silver lid and nuzzled the preciousness back into its box with its matte black (my faaav) matches. 

Baby steps.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Get up to SPEED!

I'm in New York!!

Having watched The Flash's Season Premier on the way here and arriving just in time for The Arrow's Season Premier - life could not be more seamless! Granted, I'm knackered from running all the way here (of course) and frankly very jet lagged; I can't wait for New York Comic Con to commence in 11 hours exact!!!!!!!

The first season ended with Jay Garrick's helmet, also known as The Golden Age Flash. As you might know I had actually only just caught up with Season 1 about 2-3 weeks ago - right when I was finalising outfits for NYCC! So voila - love a vintage comeback!

I love wings, and had really enjoyed making these 2 pairs - a structured pair for the helmet and a lighter softer pair for the boots. What do you think!

Both the premiers start with some key changes of events and characters. Because they don't air in UK for another week I don't wish to include spoilers; but I bet the anticipation is killing!! All I'm going to say is The Flash ended with Jay Garrick's appearance so I can't be happier about my choice to debut NYCC with! The Arrow, following its demise from last season, has reinvented himself as The Green Arrow! Oliver's suit is closer to the comics than ever now! Then the premier's ending - someone died. Don't worry this isn't a spoiler, because everybody is asking the same question on twitter!

Must sleep now, to wake up to NYCC! EEEEEK! :D

Friday, 2 October 2015

Bad Boy Ray Ray

Ray Donovan Season 3 just finished last night. Anyone else a fan sharing my emptiness?

In case you don't know what the show is about (first of all where have you been?), Ray is a situation fixer in LA with a troubled upbringing with 2.5 brothers and the perfect family in Calabasas waiting for him to come home to every night. All in all - start catching up! You won't regret it!

The first half of this season started dark and slow, but be patient, or you'll completely lose track when it all kicks off. Katie Holmes is the new blood to the show as Paige Finney, a hungry millionairess to her grossly twisted father. What seemed like a typical rich kid kidnapping was only the tip of the iceberg for deeper, darker secrets of family dynamics.

Micky's presence got old quick (for me anyway; he is second to Joffrey on my list of top hate characters!), Terry's condition deteriorates rapidly after leaving jail, developing into serious paranoia. Bunchy has a serious crush on the Mexican Wrestler, Teresa who bullies him around the gym. Abby & Ray's dynamics don't quite improve while their kids continue to spiral downwards in decadence. Ray's focus in this season had shifted from the past, but we finally get to the roots of Ray's haunting childhood in a powerful finale.

It is a little disappointing that we don't get to enjoy as much of Ray's refined sporadic problem fixing skills as we used to, but instead we get a more solid and streamline story of events: Ray with the Finney's & Mick with the Minassians (The Armenian Mafias). It was ace to see Ray's old dream team eventually recruited back together too!

I thought Holmes' braces were very random and apparently I'm not alone. Hashtags were started and she was even asked about them at TV interviews. "It was supposed to help her migraines" was the explanation in the show, and herself furthered that "this is to show she is still flawed despite being able to have whatever she wants". I found the show very poetic in Season 2, but lacking the same depth in the last. Her supposed chemistry with Ray was both unconvincing and the one kissing scene uncomfortable to watch, but it is nice to see her in a show again as a significant character.

News has it that Mickey will still be in Season 4, boo, but so good to know that Abby & Terry will remain nothing more than close friends. Thank god!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Emerse yourself...

Following several disruptions caused by the Galactic Empire, we must now leave Earth to strengthen the rebellion. Tell no one. 

Above is the meeting location. Coincidentally, I had lived there for a good few years not that long ago so this had come in pretty handy. The building utilised used to be the printing factory for Daily Mail & Evening Standard and had only closed down a few years back. It is amazing to know it is being put to good use - little did I know how good. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I'd spend an evening roaming around this factory as a Rebel Refugee. (I have a thing for machines & tools).

The Rebellion is coming to an end, but I will still try my best to avoid spoilers and offer tips for those of you who have yet to leave Earth before it's too late!

"Heels must not be worn" says the invite. Ladies, this is the most precious piece of advice for the evening. It is a secret escape mission. There will be light running, and on a day like mine it was wet, muddy, and puddly. Even indoors there are plenty of grated surfaces. Sounds mighty fun doesn't it?

Each attendee is assigned an identity. Try your best to dress the part even if you don't buy the outfits from the Rebel-X store off Brick Lane (not maked in Earth language and will disappear once the mission is over). This actually sounds a lot easier than it sounds, for most characters white/sand/khaki colours work wonders. Think hobo chic and you'll fit right in. Unless you're Han or Leia; which then it's really a no brainer isn't it? There were people on my night who blatantly made no effort and went in human attire (reds, blues, most non-earthy colours would really stand out) which I thought really spoiled the atmosphere. I guess it was a Tuesday after all...?

I had my camera very openly hanging off my neck from the start and been at front of queues again and again. Then I got to 'immigration' to enter Tatooine and the immigration officer came to me and confiscated the camera right off of me. I carefully inspected all the signs and none said no photography! Even at the beginning when they inspected bags (my tiny one was inspected by "The Force" pahah) or at the gates where "all communication devices must be sealed in these silver bags" - noone had warned me. Anyway, feeling like a sad fool, I moped with my mighty strong cocktail in Cantina that was enough to floor me if I sat down with nibbles from the market stalls of Mos Eisley. 

Side but very important piece of advice - remember your name. Not the one you use on Earth but your real Galactic one. Trust me. I witnessed a bewildered woman in human clothes being marched away by stormtroopers for not having her "papers".

The schedule gives you an hour before and after the screening to explore Mos Eisley and to find out what your secret tokens will get you. My bag of crystals gave me...curry seeds. Hang around town for reinactments of our favourite scenes, especially near Luke's Landspeeder. I will say no more! I will say though, brace yourself for some epic goosebumps while a life-size x-wing flies above you right before the screen room opens!

Now before you do enter the 'cinema', I would advice you kit yourself out with drinks and snacks for the duration. The seats are tight and every time someone needed something the entire row had to get up for that one person while everyone else behind huffs. I was one of them (huffing) by the 4th time within 30mins. If you are an indecisive one, sit on the left where you can roam as you please.

The movie playing was disappointing. We first had sound issues, then focus issues, it just kept coming. The women behind me didn't help, in full human clothes, calling scenes cheesy, and literally did not stop chatting like they were in their own living rooms the entire time, crunching the loudest foiled snacks from Earth. Then ended with "are they playing the entire movie?!" and left. Was it too nerdy of me to want to genuinely indulge in this re-watch of The Empire Strike Back?

Trivia aside, it was a fun night and definitely a bucket-list experience for all Starwars fans! The passion and effort behind the whole production is what hope & dreams are made of!

P.S. All photos here are from official Secret Cinema - my camera got confiscated remember? lols

Friday, 18 September 2015

Hello Dim Sum!

Tell me these aren't the cutest looking custard buns ever?

So I've just returned from my Asia trip! Those with me on Instagram would know that I went to Seoul  before Hong Kong to see my family. My first stop was one of the most authentic cantonese dessert places in town (Tei Mou Koon, Kowloon City) with my dad and this was a very exciting second - dim sum with my mom!

The place is small and cosy with constant queues swarmed at the door. The food (taste-wise) was so much better than I expected! Most of the presentation were very much as they were sold on the menus too which is a major plus. I personally could not get over the level of detail they had kitty-cised!

This last rice dish was a tad disappointing but I was too pleasantly surprised by everything else to be bothered!

A quick discovery of their Facebook page sure told me how hawt this restaurant is at the moment that a lot of celebrities had paid them a visit! With the Autumn Festival coming up they even have Mooncakes! If anyone reading is or will be in Hong Kong, click here for their official website and find out how you can get involved - no affiliation I promise!

Welp, better be a good daughter and order my mom some Kitty mooncakes!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Legends: in U.S. undercover government work, a fabricated identity.

I've just finished catching up on its first series and I hear there will be an announcement this week from TNT regarding Season 2! Talk about perfect timing!

From the producers who brought us Homeland and 24, now there is Legends.
The series follow a Department of Covert Operations (DCO) FBI agent Martin Odum, aka Ned Stark, or Sean Bean, and his team. As the Legend with the highest success rate, Odum is addicted to his multi-faceted identities - anyone but his own. Under intensive psychiatric counselling, Odum is often hostile and unstable, slipping in and out of his accents and identities, a major cause of his recent divorce with Sonya who only wished to protect their son.

The series has a very clever pace; with the first few episodes to set the scene and characters up, dynamics, and a grand show off of Sean Bean's acting whilst he struggles across his many Legends. We have all seen Ali Larter's performance as the bipolar Niki & Jessica back in Heroes; who in Legends is Special Agent Crystal McGuire, a crucial component to the team. The story starts after the scene is set. Flashes of lost memory triggers Odum's search for answers to his true identity,  his very existence, his sanity. Every lead he finds gets mysteriously killed seconds before he get answers in front of his very eyes.

If you do intend to catch up on the series for yourself, which I strongly suggest you do, now is the time to scroll down and skip the next section to avoid spoilers!

---------  SPOILERS ALERT  ---------

Halfway into the series, it is true, this is a case of Bourne Identity. We are shown that both Odum's ex-wife and best friend / boss, Nelson, of 8 years always knew Martin Odum was a fabrication of identity - a Legend.

Odum, despite constantly confronting people around him for the truth, is still in the dark. He carries on his rapid change of Legends over multiple investigations despite being strongly advised against. One particular highly sensitive military x political incident leads to the undeniable truth that Martin Odum had a critical past in Iraq back in 2004 - not in a major car accident in LA as Sonya and Nelson insist. The plot thickens as they are both forced to come clean to Odum. Together with what Crystal found out through her own means, the pieces are of magnitude scale that lead to the framed assassination of the Director of the FBI.

-------- Phew, SPOILERS END! --------

Each episode was more gripping than the last and by the last 2-3 I was just glued to every second of it. Everything was so well thought-out then executed - the pace, the scale of events, intensity of information revealed. It was the perfect crescendo.

Season 1 wasn't the biggest commercial hit ever but I can definitely see huge potential in it becoming one. Having said that, I really hope by then it doesn't lose its edge like most TV shows does over time as it gets "massed". The series has mixed reviews, but I simply don't remember the last time I was as engaged to a TV show! I do love one that is concise and this season has 10 episodes - the perfect dose.

Season 2 is said to air Fall 2015, some say November 2015. Either way, there is still plenty of time for you to get into the series so we can talk about it together when season 2 comes along!!!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Do you have the Edge?

I know I'm no size 6 with girl-envy abs and toned thighs, but what I value even more is good health and general well-being. I always try my best to eat well and exercise regularly in order to make room for the occasional pizzas, burgers and ice cream cravings!

It is extra difficult to stay motivated in fitness and eat healthy living in UK, from the temperamental (mostly gloomy wet and cold) weather on top of a serious comfort/fast-food culture. I mean, no one has ever used the phrase "British Cuisine" because it simply doesn't exist. Pub food and pints, sure! The food revolution Jamie Oliver has been fighting for is real!

I get serious culture envy on Instagram, mostly of people based in LA - where sunshine is part of everyday life, where food is gloriously GOOD, and where their health awareness game is strong. A crucial part to staying focused is mixing it up. As important as routine is to integrate workouts into your schedule, doing the exact same things for too long is only going to bore not only your mind but your body too. Our body works best when we're always mixing it up, surprising our body to use and stimulate different parts. Especially with me, an acute type of hyperactive. I can't be doing the same thing for too long before I get too restless, and I need variety in my life. I call them quirks...but I never want to eat the same ingredient twice a day, and I always have more than 2-3 games & books in session... Totally sidetracked, my point is, I try new workouts whenever I can!

Pre-sesh selfies obvi! :P

Spin is totally my element, I generally go twice a week even though I wish I could do it more often (I live really far from civilization). If you are put off of exercising because the word "cardio" makes you shudder with boredom like many of my friends, TRY SPINNING! Here at Edge Cycle, they offer a free 30min ride for you to feel first hand how easy weightloss / getting fit just got! It is like a fluorescent rave, music bumping and the instructor motivating your way to push push push while sweat just oozes off of you. Sequences vary roughly from 15 - 45 seconds going up, down, quick, and slow - keeping you engaged and on your toes the whole time. There really isn't time for boredom and before you know it - you're done!

Not to mention the state of the art bikes they have kitted their studio with - the smoothest and quietest I had ever experienced. Like I was flying in a Bentley...but on a stationary bike.

 The website humbly states that the studio is 2 mins away from Chancery Lane tube station when really I can easily do it within 1. It was only about 4 shops down if you come out of the closest exit. Most people in my class were in and out, presumably from nearby offices for a quick sweat-fix. While I was there, in fact, someone was signing up to join its membership after being very happy with her trial. What excites my need for variety more is that they don't just offer spin classes. They have bootcamp, yoga, fight club, and many others that incorporate bike, mat, weights, and more!

They also have a cool giveaway contest going on on their Instagram so don't miss out on your chance to win either 3 personal training lessons or a whole month unlimited classes! All you have to do when you turn up for your free class is to upload a snap of your locker, #myedgelocker then tag & follow @EdgeCycleLondon! Here is mine:

And of course, wearing happy workout gear always helps!
Sports Bra   //   C&C California
Top   //   Pineapple Dance Studios
Joggers   //   Nike
Trainers   //   Nike