Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Theory of Everything

This was a very beautiful love story and I was quite gutted at the end of it. 

Eddie Redmayne's portrayal of Stephen Hawking was extraordinary and one can certainly see why he deserves all the recognition he is getting for it. The long supportive wife played by Felicity Jones was also fabulously touching. Even though I can't place her in anything I've seen it turns out she has actually been in many films before like The Amazing Spiderman 2. She's so super cute and pretty though I'm glad she finally got the chance to shine!

Seeing this movie isn't new, can I assume everything has seen it or at least already know what this movie was about? Just in case, this is the love story of Professor and Mrs Hawkings - how they met, their journey through his illness that was supposed to claim his short life. The twist, as the struggles began to lift for them, they separated. I know you can't rewrite people's lives and I'm certainly not complaining that they didn't change the plot for a more Hollywood ending, but I am struggling to come to terms with it a little. 

I have this compulsive need to dissect things until I find answers.

It was wrapped up in black & white that they remain great companions to this day. All the more - then why? Does love just run out? For their bond to have conquered so much, what makes you give it up instead when it is finally starting to paying off? Or am I being discriminative that such a marriage should be different from other marriages (where half end in divorces)?

Also, was anybody else a little disappointed that there weren't more about the man's brilliance? Deeper explanations of his ideas and physics? As much as I blame this on the title, this certainly is a film I can rewatch and get just as touched.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Frantically Online Shopping

Been invited to LFW.
No plus one.

Brief was to dress as outrageous as possible while sticking to my social media identity.

...don't suppose this is appropriate?


Monday, 16 February 2015

Jupiter Ascending

Hello all!!

It's been forever - I know! As you might already know, a lot has changed since I started this blog and now live as a "professional" hobbyist haha. I know I am living the dream of most boys, having turned video gaming, toys building and movies/TV watching into a full-time job. (Have a quick look at my new Instagram now integrated!)

So I've decided to start reshaping my blog a little and make it more relevant again. I know most of you following are here in interest for fashion/beauty but if anything, just means I now have SO much more to share with y'all!

So I watched Jupiter Ascending last night. Going to try my best to keep it concise.

Huge budget with loads of CGI's and a very visually stimulating film (ahem Channing Tatum & Mila Kunis).  I get that they must show their technological capacity off but a lot of the action scenes would have been much more impactful if they were more concise (we both found ourselves spacing out almost every time). There was a great deal of zero-gravity / 360 swooshing around on multiple platforms in all the fight scenes which was quite impressive.

Look away now if you haven't watched it already but let's talk about the story. The most obvious flaw was the lack of human context when Mila was first captured into outer space. Any normal human being would have been a lot more surprised than she was. All the 'culture' shock moments were a great opportunity for humour. As much as I loved their core concept that Time is the most valuable commodity as the ultimate battle, I find myself having to fill in a lot of blanks along the story.

Now I love Mila Kunis but she came across very stiff here when she is normally so charming! What happened! Channing Tatum in my eyes can do no wrong but one would expect him to be more ripped (i.e. Magic Mike) in that topless scene than he was. Well I understand that even he is only human but still a tad bit disappointed is all. My god he's so dreamy..."your majesty".

Finally - let's talk outfits! What is up with that wedding get up?! In a gothic church-like environment why would the groom and bride be in some outrageously red Japanese x Chinese costume? It felt very forced and disconnected like the rest of the gowns Mila wore - just to tick the glamour box almost. I felt that even the last HungerGames (where most people were in identical grey jumpsuits) had better and more relevant costumes than they did in Jupiter Ascending. It was also quite amusing to find Funko Pop achieving a more successful take of this look than its original debut on screen.

All in all, I'm disappointed! I mean I have seen worse movies of course but this one had such potential! 2.5/5 stars?



Cut-out Crop Top   //   River Island
Skirt   //   River Island
Knee Socks   //   Topshop
Heels   //   River Island
Bag   //   Celine


Friday, 27 June 2014

Pandora's Essence Zodiac Collection

I was invited to the official launch at Pandora for their new ESSENCE Zodiac Collection earlier this week. Bad news was I couldn't make it; worse news was I wasn't allowed to snap a few quick pictures at another store nearest to me at the time. Now is the perfect time to be thankful for the internet! I was able to admire every piece of their collection in detail on their website.

Besides new charms, obviously, are new bracelet designs which I think is fab! My favourite is the beaded silver ball chain - oo la la!

The detail of these beads are of course immaculate.

My favourite part of the Pandora website is their new Bracelet Designer for the range. As I have always had trouble choosing my beads and charms, this is the perfect way to enjoy the process without the added pressure of wasting the poor shop girl's time! Shame only this standard bracelet was available, but it still does the job well. The 'app' flows so well and are so realistic! This is my ideal design: my star sign Aries, favourite blue representing my favourite quality, Loyalty; and Positivity which should be everyone's priority! What will yours be? Get lusting!

Now available in all Pandora stores!


Friday, 30 May 2014

The Making Of...

I was invited to Warner Brother's Studio Tours a while back; to The Making of Harry Potter to be precise. Now before you turn away - one definitely does not need to be a die-hard fan to appreciate this place. It takes a lot get me excited in most things, yet I was genuinely blown away. I felt like I was walking through a museum of cinematography art more than anything else and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there so much. The time frame suggested as the duration of the tour was 3 hours; which sounds like a long time but to my surprise - you would genuinely want to spend 3 hours soaking up all the details the place has to offer. 

I have a brand new appreciation for cinematography and the film making industry.

There is so much we take for granted when we watch a movie. Every single detail and every single object in every shot was not only a decision made, but backed by a team of artists to physically realise it. Remember all the paintings in the stairwells of the movies? Each and every one of these oil paintings were painted by genuine artists, then cleverly aged to its purpose. See? Blown away. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg. I'm not going to bore you with any more text as I feel it really deserves a real life experience than me trying to tell you through cyberspace writing! So honestly - book your tickets and I super highly recommend getting the Digital Guide with it to make the most of your experience!

Daniel Radcliffe's hands are smaller than mine...?!

NOT promoting drink driving whatsoever!

P.S. This model Hogwarts (R) that they actually filmed with is absolutely breathtaking!

Harry & Ron's bedroom from the start! See the cases under the two beds on the right? They were so little then!
I have refrained myself from posting all my pictures as I don't wish to spoil your experience! You have my word though that this is totally worth a day out whoever you choose to go with!

For more info and to book your tickets:

Don't worry, I am not an affiliate. :)



Neon Jumper   //   Topshop
Leather Jacket   //   Topshop
Leather Look Trousers   //   H&M
Heels   //   Jeffrey Campbell
Bag   //   Zara
Ring   //   ASOS


Monday, 7 April 2014

Too Bright?

Seeing it is literally spring now, I'm feeling the shame of being so behind on my posts! So bare with me while this and the next couple posts might look a tad too wintery.

I wore this back in early January, before I realised everybody has this coat from Topshop - and I didn't even buy it from the sales...yes it then went on sale...


Baggy Tee   //   Topshop
Thigh Boots   //   River Island
Coat   //   Topshop
Neon Scarf   //   Atsuro Tayama
Bag   //   YSL




Monday, 31 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

What did everybody get up to yesterday / this weekend! I'm all for celebrating a mother's love, but seeing my own mother is at the other side of the world where Mother's Day is in May, we were able to keep it simple in celebrating one specific nana's love. We got her the TV cabinet she wanted, and spent half the afternoon building it with many cups of tea. Well, the boyfriend did most the building and I did most the tea drinking!

I actually picked this sesame street t-shirt on purpose for this special occasion! Don't we all enjoy being taken care of like we were kids every so often? I certainly do!



Animal Tee   //   Disney by River Island
Wrap Skirt   //   Topshop (see below!)
Ankle Boots   //   Topshop
Bag   //   Zara


P.S. This skirt was an official press sample that I am now done with styling and reviewing. If anyone wants to take them off my hands - now is the time! I'll put it up in the shop asap but lemme know if you're interested and I'll contact you direct; you know, in case I again take forever to upload! x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Galaxy and Starry Eyes

Yes I'm afraid it's the same jumper again! Truth be told I have been mostly inseperable from this oversized cardigan from COS. I have realised my addiction though and have already started making amends - promise you won't see this jumper in a little while!

So the item in crime is this galaxy body con dress. I received it ages ago actually but haven't seen a way to wear it out until now! Random how these things are. I have had to cover most of it to make it work though. My favourite thing about it is the silhouette - long sleeves and crew neck is always nice with a body con skirt!

P.S. This dress is now available to buy! Brand new with tag - literally only put it on for pictures!

Just leave me a message or email me!


Yes this is what I was tiptoeing to look over - is it just me or is the London Skyline REALLY changing drastically?


Galaxy Dress   //   she-likes
Wet-look 3/4 Leggings   //   River Island
Navy Cardigan   //   COS
Boots   //   Jones
Bag   //   Dune