Monday, 7 April 2014

Too Bright?

Seeing it is literally spring now, I'm feeling the shame of being so behind on my posts! So bare with me while this and the next couple posts might look a tad too wintery.

I wore this back in early January, before I realised everybody has this coat from Topshop - and I didn't even buy it from the sales...yes it then went on sale...


Baggy Tee   //   Topshop
Thigh Boots   //   River Island
Coat   //   Topshop
Neon Scarf   //   Atsuro Tayama
Bag   //   YSL




Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Shampoo for Coloured-Yet-Oily Hair?

I have basically been in constant search for a coloured hair shampoo ever since I started dying my hair again a few years ago. My problem is that most coloured hair shampoo works very gently, but with my rather oily scalp, I need something that can really clean it good without residue! I have always been a fan of Aussie shampoos simply because I love how clean it makes my head feel. Sadly their coloured hair shampoo still streaks it a little too clean that my coloured hair tend to look a little worse for wear. I still have it in my shower though as part of the rotation!

As I struggle to find one that suits my needs, I have started going up the price ladder. Remember my Tommy Gunn shampoo? As much as I loved the smell, it took two washes to get my hair clean enough. It really sucks to have as much hair as I do as well as it being oily. At least, as I am always told after my complaints, that I'm very unlikely to grow into a bald old lady. Grumpy one probably, definitely not bald!

So the fab news is - I think I have finally found something I'm closer to being happy with! This first one I tried is one of the most costly shampoos available in supermarkets. KORRES at £10 for 250ml. I actually love how clinical it looks, even though it could well just be another form of fancy packaging. Which reminds me - I have come across a winner in this search. It was something organic from Australia that I randomly bought in a more up-scale supermarket of Hong Kong. Because I have never seen it anywhere in UK, I thought I'd start trying brands in Waitrose to see if I can meet another. Tommy Gunn (£6 a bottle) was my first shot, this is now my second. Back to the subject, its formula boasts 84.7% natural contents with fully recyclable bottle. It has a long list of things it is and isn't free of - things that matter like fragrance, alcohol, silicones, being pH neutral etc.

I must say, it was pretty good. It did the cleaning and left my hair pretty smooth. In fact, so smooth that I forgot to use conditioner the first time I tried it! True story!

A week later I came across this Garnier goodie. I've always had a level of trust in Garnier products. This huge bottle was only £4 for 400ml, and contains the magic words - "argan oil". Also important is  that these are both Parabens-free. Now we all know that shampoo that goes too frothy means too much chemicals within. This one did get quite frothy, but not crazily. Certainly helped get the job done as I'm all about efficiency when washing my great mop of hair! This also left my hair quite smooth which is a sign that it hadn't stripped all my natural oils. Either that or it indeed is the magic of chemicals! The colour came out quite nice too!

I am certainly happy enough to keep this in rotation for now so I can prolong the life of my little expensive KORRES. In fact I have just double-checked the price of this Garnier online and Boots (where I got it from) is even doing a half price sale on it! 

Have a read at the small prints yourself - what do you think of these?

Sunflower and Mountain Tea? Yes please even though I have
never even heard of such a thing called "Mountain Tea"!

Illuminate you did!

Feel free to throw any extra recommendations my way too!

P.S. So much more has been added to the shop(s) up top!! Woop!


Monday, 31 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

What did everybody get up to yesterday / this weekend! I'm all for celebrating a mother's love, but seeing my own mother is at the other side of the world where Mother's Day is in May, we were able to keep it simple in celebrating one specific nana's love. We got her the TV cabinet she wanted, and spent half the afternoon building it with many cups of tea. Well, the boyfriend did most the building and I did most the tea drinking!

I actually picked this sesame street t-shirt on purpose for this special occasion! Don't we all enjoy being taken care of like we were kids every so often? I certainly do!



Animal Tee   //   Disney by River Island
Wrap Skirt   //   Topshop (see below!)
Ankle Boots   //   Topshop
Bag   //   Zara


P.S. This skirt was an official press sample that I am now done with styling and reviewing. If anyone wants to take them off my hands - now is the time! I'll put it up in the shop asap but lemme know if you're interested and I'll contact you direct; you know, in case I again take forever to upload! x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Galaxy and Starry Eyes

Yes I'm afraid it's the same jumper again! Truth be told I have been mostly inseperable from this oversized cardigan from COS. I have realised my addiction though and have already started making amends - promise you won't see this jumper in a little while!

So the item in crime is this galaxy body con dress. I received it ages ago actually but haven't seen a way to wear it out until now! Random how these things are. I have had to cover most of it to make it work though. My favourite thing about it is the silhouette - long sleeves and crew neck is always nice with a body con skirt!

P.S. This dress is now available to buy! Brand new with tag - literally only put it on for pictures!

Just leave me a message or email me!


Yes this is what I was tiptoeing to look over - is it just me or is the London Skyline REALLY changing drastically?


Galaxy Dress   //   she-likes
Wet-look 3/4 Leggings   //   River Island
Navy Cardigan   //   COS
Boots   //   Jones
Bag   //   Dune


Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Time Keeper

I have always been a fan of Mitch Albom. Almost every book of his had really touched my soul - cheeseballs but true story!

The first was of course The Five People You Meet in Heaven, then was Tuesdays with Morrie - I was so mind blown that I finished both of them back to back in the same week! Then it continued on to For One More Day and Have A Little Faith. Mind, I'm not really one who reads the same author repeatedly no matter how good that one was. For example, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, it had such a spell on me that I never put it down for days on end, only to eat and that was about it! So I got Angels and Demons and to my surprise, I really struggled to get into it! I do have an unexplainable issue with repeating things and I think this could be reason - it was all too familiar!

Then there was a good few years where I got so caught up with life that I completely stopped reading. Just never found the time anymore. Now in turning a new leaf, I started with The First Phone Call From Heaven and to my surprise it really didn't strike a cord in me. Then I came across The Time Keeper and I knew it was exactly what I needed!

Before I bore anyone to death; my point is that everyone - and I mean everyone, needs to read this book. It illustrates our obsessions with time since time was invented, and how its powerful grip over us keeps growing every day. I, for one, have always had a very distinct obsession with time. I really don't know why but I stress out if/when time slips too quickly in a day, or if I hadn't done what I had expected to do in that day, examples can go on and on. Essentially there was less and less I allow myself to enjoy as I was so consumed by the tick and the tock.

Canary Wharf - one of the busiest spots of one of the busiest cities.
The obsession of time...once you notice it it is impossible to ignore!

To avoid any spoilers I won't go into any details, but this changed my life for the good. Whenever I can feel the grip of time rising in me, I honestly do take a deep breath now and think about how the book made me feel when I finished it in no time. Hah, "no time". This is definitely one I will read again and again and I am definitely going to recommend everyone who reads to read it! I bet it's good for our health, possibly even lowers blood pressure in our crazy city lives!

At the end of the day, or one's lifetime, on the death bed, who really is going to wish they had spent more time at work, or spent more time running errands? It's always the little things that matter, things we possibly already take for granted, that really matters to us most. Time constantly passes us by, what do you choose to spend yours on? Just remember to stop and smell the flowers every so often - frankly a message I am still waiting for my boyfriend to comprehend!

To conclude, READ IT!!


Monday, 17 March 2014

Dressing for Girls

I heard this phrase being used on a fashion TV programme and it really stuck with me - Dressing for Girls. They were describing a street style that was all about fun: white ripped jeans, white tee, and this impeccibly loud, colourfully embroidered jacket with a simple pair of stilettos. It was all about having fun and enjoying fashion! That it wasn't to look sexy or be attractive or essentially, for the boys.

In my opinion, most the best street styles are made from this recipe. It was just so refreshing to put a finger on such a fitting phrase finally!

I don't know if this happens to anyone else but that clothes that are straight and not synched at the waist, basically things that aren't figure hugging anywhere are generally considered "not very nice" by boyfriends! I personally enjoyed layering this outfit, Korean x Scandinavian inspired and oh so comfortable!



Pink Tee   //   Topshop
Teal Woolley   //   COS
Green Skirt   //   ASOS
Coat   //   Maje
Black Leather Boots   //   River Island
Mini Tote   //   Celine
Rings   //   ASOS


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New Shop New Shop! Read all about it!

I'm in progress of forming some mini-shops here under the YNMS roof! 

As you can imagine, I get lots of review items that really does get piled up over time - so much that no one person can really wear or use them all! Therefore I'd love to share them with you fellow fashionistas! Most of the clothing are basically new with tags, where I've only worn them to style and photograph. Some cosmetics I might not have even used at all but was part of gifts; some might have been used only once for review purposes. I will always be honest with their exact condition though so need not worry! 

I have tried putting them on eBay before but I don't think they really appreciate the value in them just as much as we do! It's still early days where I'm still finding my feet so some listed here are also on eBay; so I can gauge what goes where best so time is ticking on those!

Right now only the skirts are live but over time I'll be adding more and more of my mountain of surplus on so please stay tuned! Next are dresses, and I'm very excited about all the shoes and bags! (P.S. Please see tabs up top!)

Holla (comments or emails) if you're interested in anything, first come first serve, PayPal required.



Monday, 10 March 2014

Heat Wave Baby!

So we've got two weeks of spring!! I'm absolutely loving it as, well, who wouldn't? 

I'm absolutely obsessed with this clutch. It comes in both black and white - this is obviously the white, while the black carries black spike studs. They are super gorgeous! They are handmade by the London brand Vivian Ying - where again (see last post) you have an exclusive half price coupon to shop at! Simply type in YNMS50 at checkout and get investing on your designer leather clutch!!

P.S. My nails are Gwen Stefani for OPI's Satin Black; which on its own is basically just matte black... what do you guys think? I personally would probably rather a matte topcoat...



White Blouse   //   from Korea
Blue Patent Skirt   //   ASOS
Shoes   //   Topshop
Clutch   //   Vivian Ying
Rose Ring   //   H&M
Wrap Rings   //   ASOS

Arm Stack:
Alexander McQueen