Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cinderella (2015)

So I decided I will need this in the garden of my future dream mansion, in this perfect shade of mint! 

Did everyone have a nice long break? Whilst it was Easter weekend for everyone else, I had the luxury of meeting friends, eating out and watching girlie movies as it was my birthday weekend! So Spring as here as British weather allows and the sun occasionally out enough for us to finally go easy on the layers - this was my outfit to watch Cinderella.

I walked past a little girl who essentially had on the same outfit and shamelessly enjoyed it haha.

I have never had any fantasies to be a Disney Princess, or any princess actually. I have always believed in gender equality in rights, but never had issues with "weak" princesses needing a man and be "saved". It's a genre, mostly in cartoons/animations.

I walked in without much expectations. Being a fan of Downton Abbey and obviously Game of Thrones, I know not only 'Lady Rose' is the lead, 'Daisy' is one of the stepsisters, but Rob Stark is the prince! Then what blew me away instead was Cate Blanchett, in every single way. My crush on her developed when I first saw her at San Diego Comic Con behind the stage - how she oozes the demeanour of a movie goddess. She is definitely what made the movie and it was exhilarating how the costume designer, Sandy Powell, shows off her talent through Blanchett's character as the Stepmother. Every outfit was absolutely breathtaking. It was very couture Lanvin x Vivienne Westwood so I just had to google her! The lavish set was almost equally impressive, especially the reinvented baroque pumpkin carriage. As a footwear designer though, I am really not sure about the lump they call the glass slipper...

All in all, still a very nice girlie birthday treat!


Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I have reached 5000 followers on Instagram as of Sunday night!! 
I swear I never thought I would get here as after all this was only a side hobby thang, let alone this quickly...besides the fact that, I don't know, I am genuinely lost for words! At the beginning I still remember being too shy to let any of my friends see my account, joking that I will when the time comes, like when I'm at like...over a THOUSAND.

Things are getting real. Been in talks with Marvel! Feels rude to be talking about this whilst in a DC cosplay but as it turns out they work in an office out in America, like the rest of us, in an office. With landlines. Not underneath a remote, unspoilt island with all sorts of secret ops happening and a departments directory like one of the Disney World Park Maps (huge). It is going to be a very interesting 6 months! ;)

This Ame-Comi version of Supergirl was my first ever 'published' cosplay as Karina Dash so I thought it'd be a nice loop to come back to. It is interesting to see how far I've come; I have become so much more comfortable with myself haha!

Enough narcism. I mainly just wanted to thank everyone who has been part of my support system, in which ever form and role, directly or indirectly. None of this could happen without each of you! I am honestly so grateful! Come join the gang or simply click the IG bar on the right!


Monday, 30 March 2015

WrestleMania Baby!

The second biggest annual event in life over in America - WrestleMania! Yes I mean before Thanksgiving and Christmas, only after the Superbowl. So to get into the spirit of things, Hulkamania is running wild indeed Brother!

This brings me right back to when I actually met the legend himself at NYCC last October, almost being lifted off the ground just from this grasp! I was cosplaying as the mean girl academia Saya from the zombie anime HOTD. Not only did I get everything you see in this picture and his autograph, but he also signed my POP Vinyl toy of him! #MyPrecious!

 Click to see more

It was quite tragic I couldn't watch the event due to the time difference, but it's obvious that everyone had a blast! Perhaps y'all are only just hitting your beds? Yet I've already had my MMM of the week done by 10:37am! It's going to be a great week!

Rock On & Let's kick Monday's ass everyone!


Sunday, 8 March 2015

What a glorious weekend!


Coat   //   Coach
Mint Fluffy Jumper   //   COS
Patent Skirt   //   ASOS
Socks   //   Topshop
Boots   //   River Island
Backpack   //   Prada
Batman Earrings   //   DC Comics



Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Theory of Everything

This was a very beautiful love story and I was quite gutted at the end of it. 

Eddie Redmayne's portrayal of Stephen Hawking was extraordinary and one can certainly see why he deserves all the recognition he is getting for it. The long supportive wife played by Felicity Jones was also fabulously touching. Even though I can't place her in anything I've seen it turns out she has actually been in many films before like The Amazing Spiderman 2. She's so super cute and pretty though I'm glad she finally got the chance to shine!

Seeing this movie isn't new, can I assume everything has seen it or at least already know what this movie was about? Just in case, this is the love story of Professor and Mrs Hawkings - how they met, their journey through his illness that was supposed to claim his short life. The twist, as the struggles began to lift for them, they separated. I know you can't rewrite people's lives and I'm certainly not complaining that they didn't change the plot for a more Hollywood ending, but I am struggling to come to terms with it a little. 

I have this compulsive need to dissect things until I find answers.

It was wrapped up in black & white that they remain great companions to this day. All the more - then why? Does love just run out? For their bond to have conquered so much, what makes you give it up instead when it is finally starting to paying off? Or am I being discriminative that such a marriage should be different from other marriages (where half end in divorces)?

Also, was anybody else a little disappointed that there weren't more about the man's brilliance? Deeper explanations of his ideas and physics? As much as I blame this on the title, this certainly is a film I can rewatch and get just as touched.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Frantically Online Shopping

Been invited to LFW.
No plus one.

Brief was to dress as outrageous as possible while sticking to my social media identity.

...don't suppose this is appropriate?


Monday, 16 February 2015

Jupiter Ascending

Hello all!!

It's been forever - I know! As you might already know, a lot has changed since I started this blog and now live as a "professional" hobbyist haha. I know I am living the dream of most boys, having turned video gaming, toys building and movies/TV watching into a full-time job. (Have a quick look at my new Instagram now integrated!)

So I've decided to start reshaping my blog a little and make it more relevant again. I know most of you following are here in interest for fashion/beauty but if anything, just means I now have SO much more to share with y'all!

So I watched Jupiter Ascending last night. Going to try my best to keep it concise.

Huge budget with loads of CGI's and a very visually stimulating film (ahem Channing Tatum & Mila Kunis).  I get that they must show their technological capacity off but a lot of the action scenes would have been much more impactful if they were more concise (we both found ourselves spacing out almost every time). There was a great deal of zero-gravity / 360 swooshing around on multiple platforms in all the fight scenes which was quite impressive.

Look away now if you haven't watched it already but let's talk about the story. The most obvious flaw was the lack of human context when Mila was first captured into outer space. Any normal human being would have been a lot more surprised than she was. All the 'culture' shock moments were a great opportunity for humour. As much as I loved their core concept that Time is the most valuable commodity as the ultimate battle, I find myself having to fill in a lot of blanks along the story.

Now I love Mila Kunis but she came across very stiff here when she is normally so charming! What happened! Channing Tatum in my eyes can do no wrong but one would expect him to be more ripped (i.e. Magic Mike) in that topless scene than he was. Well I understand that even he is only human but still a tad bit disappointed is all. My god he's so dreamy..."your majesty".

Finally - let's talk outfits! What is up with that wedding get up?! In a gothic church-like environment why would the groom and bride be in some outrageously red Japanese x Chinese costume? It felt very forced and disconnected like the rest of the gowns Mila wore - just to tick the glamour box almost. I felt that even the last HungerGames (where most people were in identical grey jumpsuits) had better and more relevant costumes than they did in Jupiter Ascending. It was also quite amusing to find Funko Pop achieving a more successful take of this look than its original debut on screen.

All in all, I'm disappointed! I mean I have seen worse movies of course but this one had such potential! 2.5/5 stars?



Cut-out Crop Top   //   River Island
Skirt   //   River Island
Knee Socks   //   Topshop
Heels   //   River Island
Bag   //   Celine


Monday, 7 April 2014

Too Bright?

Seeing it is literally spring now, I'm feeling the shame of being so behind on my posts! So bare with me while this and the next couple posts might look a tad too wintery.

I wore this back in early January, before I realised everybody has this coat from Topshop - and I didn't even buy it from the sales...yes it then went on sale...


Baggy Tee   //   Topshop
Thigh Boots   //   River Island
Coat   //   Topshop
Neon Scarf   //   Atsuro Tayama
Bag   //   YSL