Monday, 3 August 2015

It's Vegas Baby!

Those of you who kindly follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook would already know that I had a royally grand few days in Vegas before I hit San Diego for the epic con. It was a surprise trip where I didn't even know that was where I was flying to until I got to the gate. Everything was pre-organised and I just had to rock up and oh em gee was it an awesome trip. Loud guns, huge tanks, scooters into deserts, helicopter rides into the Grand Canyon, the list continues. Literally so many ticks off my bucket list in one go!

DAY 1:
Scooting on up to Red Rock Canyon!

These scooters are awesome. They're real scooters/mopeds but dressed as a race car! They don't go super fast but it was really, REALLY fun! We set off at 8am and it is the perfect temperature for the peak of summer. Upon the return from our excursion the sun came out and it was mighty enough to burn anyone in 2 minutes without sunscreen. Of course I had like, SPF 100 ready.

I've also never ever driven on the left so this was my first. Because this is technically a real vehicle I'm counting it as an accomplishment!

I enjoyed this little trip so much. The desert scene just isn't something any city girl from UK/Asia gets to see every day! It was so very majestic, and I had never admired rocks & mountains as I did that morning!

From there I bought this bracelet that somehow meant a lot to me in a matter of days. It was made with genuine horse hair and it was this exact design that called out to me. Coincidentally this was the only size that fitted me of the whole horse hair jewellery stand. Then I lost it at the airport right at the very end of my trip flying back to London. To my own surprise I cried...we called everyone as soon as we landed in hopes that someone had picked it up - the lounge we were in, the lounge opposite we also went to, LAX aiport's lost & found, nothing. In the slimmest chance, we called the shop and they were so so kind. Even though they didn't operate an e-shop they will sell me one to an US address. close yet so far...I don't  have an US address...

Don't suppose anyone reading this who live in America can help? :(

Farewell Horsey...


Bauble Top   //   Topshop
Western Denim Shorts   //   Topshop
Sandals   //   Topshop


DAY 2:

This little joint is called Secret Pizza. It is located under The Cosmopolitan, hidden in a corner with no signs or advertising. As you can see behind me, the interior is decorated with retro video games!

Quick bite after, GUNS!!

We went to Battlefield Las Vegas, and they are not wrong in boasting themselves as No.1! Their weapon choices & packages are insane; enough to make any shooting-gamer hop on the spot with shuddering excitement. I'm in no affiliate with them obviously but it is like candies for your eyes even if you have no plans to visit vegas!

It was a mad case of adrenaline when I first entered the gun range room, some would call it panic. The level of machinery allowed here in the state of Nevada was serious. Mind I knew nothing about what was in store for me, or even saw any information on their website to better prepare myself. I thought it was just a gentle pistol shooting range like ones Claire from Modern Family goes to! Anyway, before any of my senses could adjust the man next to me was about to shoot a 50.Cal riffle. The power of it was...indescribable. Immediately after the giant bang I felt the air in the room rush through, my goggles hyper-vibrated on my nose bridge, all the dust on the ground moved. It was insane. Very much like the movies if a rocket launcher was well, launched. Lol

My nerves subsided once my senses adjusted and all was mega fun again! I did horribly with the pistol, aiming for the red spot but all having gone down south. I blame my 70% eye sight; I had no idea how bad it was until the round finished and the sheet came back to the stand (I left my good contacts at home.....)! Shocked and embarrassed, I tried a lot harder with the rest, squinted so hard I went cross-eyed and felt so much better with the result:

They even have cars on standby for you to run over IN A TANK!!
Quick change of clothes then we went exploring different hotels. It really is quite interesting how vasty different each is and omg the SIZE of each! Is literally the size of a mall here in England!

Playsuit: River Island
Sandals: as before
As you do, when you see floor tiles that
match your outfit...!
After dinner, I was whisked onto a late night helicopter ride to see the whole Vegas (Old & New) in all its glory! I have always wanted to ride a helicopter!!! <3

That city that never sleeps!


DAY 3:
The Grand Canyon

This was another pleasant surprise. I am pretty sure I had been to the Grand Canyon when I was only a couple years old, and I remember being underwhelmed (lol). Then we came and wow was it worth it! We had another helicopter ride (WOOP!) and this was even more breathtaking than the last. It dropped us down by the river, some 5000ft below the rim and temperature was at about 107F.

We moved onto boats, enjoying the canyon in a whole different way, then lastly, helicopter back up.

I could've sat there all day long...

Brimmy Hat   //   Accessorize
Crop Top   //   Topshop
White Shorts   //   Topshop
Checkered Shirt   //   Uniqlo
Fringe Boots   //   Topshop


Right off the bat, of course a cool down was in order! Here's to the best Mojito I've ever had! Which I later learnt was almost the most expensive in my life!

Blink of an eye and it's already the last evening of my epic adventurous trip...let's not miss out on what is most important!

Top, Skirt & Heels: All Topshop

K xoxo

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Terminator Genisys

Went to see Arnie last night, and this face was more excitement than the film can offer. A whole 20-30mins of the beginning was just a remake of the first & second Terminator. Why have I just paid £11.40 to watch something I already have at home - I found myself asking.

Then Khaleesi / Emilia Clarke aka Sarah Connor comes out (yay) and she actually looked way too little for the big guns. Her American accent a tiny bit disappointing but her acting was so sensational. I enjoyed the dynamics between her and Arnie eventually. Can't say the same with her and Kyle Reese. It was cringe-town from the start, nakedness and all. Even by the end of the movie, when they can finally "fall in love", was unconvincing all over. Mind how many passionate lovers Emilia as Khaleesi has had on GOT so far, I think it is safe to say it's him.

Back to the story, it certainly got old to keep watching an unbeatable robot get beat up for the thousandth attemp. Got even harder in the end watching an old man (Arnie) get bashed in left right and centre. Nothing was new or inventive. Messy time jumps that was simply not clever.

Let's hope there won't be another remake...

On other movie news, it's finally August! Fantastic 4 & Pixels are out this month, and another step closer to Batman vs Superman! <3


Top   //   H&M
Shorts   //   H&M
Boots   //   Topshop
Watch   //   ASOS


Thursday, 30 July 2015

SDCC 2015!

I know I have taken a while with this but San Diego Comic Con is the event of the year after all and I just have so so much to share! I'll make sure I stick to highlights and keep it concise!

Preview Night!
First stop - the Lego stand of course!

I spotted, loved, bought, and have been very smug ever since! What makes this TBBT set great is that it is made by LEGO Ideas Concept, so it was voted by public; created by LEGO fans.  I was a little bit disappointed with the window end of the living room and fact that the kitchen wasn't included. The potential is there though! I have gone off the series for a few seasons now. I think it has trailed pretty far off from what it used to be. This didn't seem to take away my excitement when I saw the set though haha! I'll be building it in the next few weeks so look out for a review post!

This was a SDCC pre-release; its official US release date is Aug 1st (not long now!) but I have no idea if UK will even have it? I've googled on multiple occasions but no joy - does anyone know?

Then I walked on until I came across her:

I was totally prepared to pay a limb to take her home! Until that tag reading "Available Spring 2016" told me to calm the bleep down...

I would go as far as saying this version of Wonderwoman (Dawn of Justice) is my favourite. So contemporary and even more empowering if that was even possible.

Is it too early to start a Christmas (Pre-order) Wishlist?


DAY 1: 
Mai Shiranui from SNK
(For the gamer in me!)

Most people didn't know who Mai or SNK was, which was a little disappointing. Then there was one lady with her two daughters who got mega excited seeing me. She explained that she works for SNK and she absolutely loved the support as well as the interpretation - which was totally enough to make my day! 

Today was a lot about dashing for exclusives as the official day 1 of SDCC! Very lucky to have planned a costume with no heels involved!

This Batman vs Superman though!!! It was selling out like crazy and I literally focused all my energy of the day for this! I'm pretty sure I got the last one of the entire show! Phew!! I also managed to snatch the Ted 2 and Antman SD Exclusives on the way - woohoo!

I get a kick out of doing normal things while in cosplay. You'd be surprise how often I get photographed to "continue looking at the phone" etc., I draw the line when people just snap and run at my ugliest moments though (i.e. eating, fixing myself, split of a yawn). That is just rude. Well actually, New York was the worst; people at SD had been very nice and had always asked first :)


DAY 2:
Angela of Asgard

This cosplay was the biggest & most complex worbla challenge of my life so far! It was so many late nights, so much sanding, and so much glue. It was probably only so much messier because it was all happening in my living room! My poor little puppy... I am the most proud of the ribbon, have even inserted wires in the ends to give it the dramatic swirls the comics had! Least proud is the belt, it's just that little bit too wide. I also wish I had more time to smooth the worbla surfaces more and more until it shines like metal armour! 

I'm happy with the result anyway and everyone who knew Angela spotted me instantly. Some people asked about who I was cosplaying as and for those of you reading now who isn't familiar with Angela yet: She is the sister of Thor, an Asgard Assassin, just entered Guardians of the Galaxy comics, and the newest Avenger!

Click here for more, straight from!

Siblings Hang!

For those who have yet to attend an SDCC, Hall H is the A-list of Halls. In fact, "A-list" would be an understatement. Us mortals would need to start queueing at least 24 hours before a panel takes place just for a chance to get in. Personally, I'd rather spend my precious 4.5 days enjoying as much of the convention as I possibly can, then stream the panel (generally is available 2mins after on YouTube) when convenient. Then on this day at the end of the Starwars: The Force Awakens Panel, J.J. Abraham announced that he had a surprise. An army of First Order stormtroopers appears and escorted the entire hall attendees straight out to an outdoors symphony concert, with lightsabers and fireworks. GG.

My character-doing-human-things-of-the-day:

I don't actually smoke, just lent it for the picture hah!


DAY 3:

I timed this cosplay to the day the X-men: Apocolypse's panel took place in Hall H; where they released never seen footages of the movie and subsequently began the endless critiques & debates of the public. I know, I'm not thrilled about any of the character's styling either, I think most the problems were down to the costume designing! I have always been quite a fan of Olivia Munn, think she's such a cool girl so I'm very excited to see her in this role. Her costume though, so disappointing. Somehow all girly-fied and weak, like an overcomplicated hot mess. A huge part of Pyslocke's image to me is her slick; even with the million bands that only made her cooler. Sometimes when something doesn't need fixing......

Lets hope the movie is better than its costumes.

An ounce of me almost wanted to queue for a chance to Hall H for J.Law. Then it passed. But hey here's most of what happened during the panel and I can't believe how awkward most of it is!

On the cosplay front:

and my favourite - Mad Max x Frozen! How original!

I personally hate to be teased. Yet most the windows at SDCC aren't things you can just take home in exchange for money. Just look at their cute little selves!!! Argh!!


DAY 4:
Junko Enoshima

Last day of SDCC! Today was all about scavenging for last minute exclusives. Why I say "scavenge"? Only because by now all the hottest toys were long gone, bought by people who queued from the crack of dawn to get into any first queues. It was pretty amusing to see how mega efficient these buyers are as eBay sellers. I honestly applaud their drive especially at the FedEx office! It is a shame that SDCC is so hype & money driven but hey, guess that's life. Anyway, I still got some pretty sweet stuff in my eyes. I loved my cute little Batgirl by Mattel, Marvel Pops as souvenirs for my brothers, and omg the transformers by Hasbro!! <3

Then I went to roam around town. Have you heard about Heroes Reborn yet? I personally was thoroughly done with the series long before it was axed; much like Lost, it just completely lost the plot. With an almost complete new cast, I think their pilot will make or break the return of the series old fan base. Because the cast look so green though, they could be targeting new younger audience. We shall find out when it comes out!

Fan of Ash vs Evil Dead anyone? I had been going back every day for a different item of free merch and voila I finally got the full collection! Thanks to a very very kind guy who was happy to swap with me that is - I would have otherwise had too many chainsaws & t-shirts with no hat (the most limited item)! The idiot that I am though, went through the efforts of putting the t-shirt on then blocked it entirely with the chainsaw...doh...!

Who knew Junko & Bebop made such a handsome couple? 
Then there's the absolute cutest cosplayer EVER as a Pink Clonetrooper! <3


Con Village:

Outside the official convention, what I'd call the con village, hosts a lot of different events too. I hadn't managed to see everything out there but gaming was my priority!! With the given time frame I hit NerdHQ and tried out Star Wars Battlefront first hand!! I'm smiling as I'm typing even, just SO CITED!!

Then some real life Assassins action at the AC site - they were amazing!

Teams & teams of new TV series having a riot (good ones) with each other at who can chant the loudest! They were Colony, Sharknado 3, and Outlanders.

I realised after I had worn the hat like a cap when it was clearly a beret.
Other photos didn't have this awesome shark-guy's photobomb though so...easy choice really :D
Last bit before I sign off - this guy sums it up well:

"When else will I get to do this just because?" he says. Too right!

Phew, I'm exhausted! Even though it has been fun reliving the whole con through all my photos! Hope you felt the same!

K xoxo