Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New Shop New Shop! Read all about it!

I'm in progress of forming some mini-shops here under the YNMS roof! 

As you can imagine, I get lots of review items that really does get piled up over time - so much that no one person can really wear or use them all! Therefore I'd love to share them with you fellow fashionistas! Most of the clothing are basically new with tags, where I've only worn them to style and photograph. Some cosmetics I might not have even used at all but was part of gifts; some might have been used only once for review purposes. I will always be honest with their exact condition though so need not worry! 

I have tried putting them on eBay before but I don't think they really appreciate the value in them just as much as we do! It's still early days where I'm still finding my feet so some listed here are also on eBay; so I can gauge what goes where best so time is ticking on those!

Right now only the skirts are live but over time I'll be adding more and more of my mountain of surplus on so please stay tuned! Next are dresses, and I'm very excited about all the shoes and bags! (P.S. Please see tabs up top!)

Holla (comments or emails) if you're interested in anything, first come first serve, PayPal required.



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