Monday, 17 March 2014

Dressing for Girls

I heard this phrase being used on a fashion TV programme and it really stuck with me - Dressing for Girls. They were describing a street style that was all about fun: white ripped jeans, white tee, and this impeccibly loud, colourfully embroidered jacket with a simple pair of stilettos. It was all about having fun and enjoying fashion! That it wasn't to look sexy or be attractive or essentially, for the boys.

In my opinion, most the best street styles are made from this recipe. It was just so refreshing to put a finger on such a fitting phrase finally!

I don't know if this happens to anyone else but that clothes that are straight and not synched at the waist, basically things that aren't figure hugging anywhere are generally considered "not very nice" by boyfriends! I personally enjoyed layering this outfit, Korean x Scandinavian inspired and oh so comfortable!



Pink Tee   //   Topshop
Teal Woolley   //   COS
Green Skirt   //   ASOS
Coat   //   Maje
Black Leather Boots   //   River Island
Mini Tote   //   Celine
Rings   //   ASOS