Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Galaxy and Starry Eyes

Yes I'm afraid it's the same jumper again! Truth be told I have been mostly inseperable from this oversized cardigan from COS. I have realised my addiction though and have already started making amends - promise you won't see this jumper in a little while!

So the item in crime is this galaxy body con dress. I received it ages ago actually but haven't seen a way to wear it out until now! Random how these things are. I have had to cover most of it to make it work though. My favourite thing about it is the silhouette - long sleeves and crew neck is always nice with a body con skirt!

P.S. This dress is now available to buy! Brand new with tag - literally only put it on for pictures!

Just leave me a message or email me!


Yes this is what I was tiptoeing to look over - is it just me or is the London Skyline REALLY changing drastically?


Galaxy Dress   //   she-likes
Wet-look 3/4 Leggings   //   River Island
Navy Cardigan   //   COS
Boots   //   Jones
Bag   //   Dune



  1. Nice pics and outfit as ever -and an interesting view of London- does seem to look more cluttered now.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! ;););) Nice pics!